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Stress Management and Work Performance in the UK (HR)

Stress Management and Work Performance in the UK (HR) What is the target of the examination? In this examination, the scientist was keen on researching the connection between stress the board and work environment execution in the United Kingdom. This examination was propelled by the ongoing reports that there has been an expanding worry by human asset administrations over the need to oversee worry among employees.Advertising We will compose a custom evaluation test on Stress Management and Work Performance in the UK (HR) explicitly for you for just $16.05 $11/page Learn More Various associations inside the United Kingdom have put aside a few assets to help battle work environment worry as one of the methods of improving execution. These associations have been quick to guarantee that their representatives have as insignificant degrees of worry as can be conceivable (Harrington 2001, p. 79). This inspired the specialist to dispatch an examination if there was a connection between stress the executives and work execution among representati ves. The examination was based inside the nation among representatives of fluctuating ages, races and scholarly levels. The objective of the investigation is to set up the connection between stress the board and work execution and the best way to deal with oversee worry to meet hierarchical objectives. Coming up next are a portion of the particular objectives that the specialist had while initiating this exploration. To decide the essential and auxiliary reasons for pressure. To assess the effect of pressure the board on representative exhibition at the work environment. To decide the best techniques for stress the executives. Along these lines, the analyst would have the option to decide whether it merits submitting a great deal of assets and time in overseeing worry in the work environment. It stress the executives have an immediate positive effect on working environment execution then it is significant that association gives it enough concentration with the goal for them to impro ve effectiveness. How have I approached the examination? As was clarified in the strategy of this thesis, the analyst utilized both the essential and optional wellsprings of information. As Brotherton (2003, p. 118) says, an analyst can't profess to direct an examination without any preparation given the monstrous investigations led in different fields in the contemporary world. All things considered, any bit of exploration will consistently be a headway of previously existing bits of examination. This makes optional wellsprings of information significant. The specialist utilized these optional wellsprings of information to help build up a base for this examination. Not at all like information accumulated from essential sources, optional wellsprings of information end up being significant on the grounds that it is a previously prepared information. The specialist had the option to assemble the hypothetical point of view of this examination from the auxiliary data.Advertising Looking for evaluation on brain science? We should check whether we can support you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The essential information assumed a similarly significant job. As Boss (2002, p. 78) says, an examination can't be viewed as complete until the specialist can think of their own observational investigation that would affirm or dismiss what the optional wellsprings of information says. It is the essential information that will confirm the examination, in any case such an exploration may simply be considered as a scrutinize of literary works. Therefore, the specialist went to the ground and accumulated information from the tested respondents. The information was assembled utilizing polls which were created by the analyst subsequent to creating research proposition. The inquiries utilized were both open finished and shut finished. While open finished inquiries offered the respondents opportunity to give their responses dependent on their more extensive information on the inquiry, shut finished inquiries were moderately simple to code during the examination procedure. The specialist utilized SPSS in investigating the information (Maxwell Steele 2008, p. 366). This empowered the exploration to produce relapse and connection of different factors in the examination. This empowered the scientist to dismiss the invalid theories that were created. For what reason did I follow this specific course? This examination utilized quantitative exploration in showing up at the discoveries. Quantitative exploration is a sort of study that uses figures to come to certain end results (Huczynski Buchanan 2007, p. 56). In such manner, the examination appeared as a study, whereby the specialist distinguished the example and presented surveys on them. In this examination, there was have to look at the connection between factors so as to set up circumstances and logical results. The scientist was keen on knowing how various elements (autonomous factors) stress the e xecutives (subordinate factors), and how this would then influence working environment execution. This requested for a technique that would be objective and capable factually to sum up the discoveries. Quantitative technique was seen as the most fitting strategy to use in this research.Advertising We will compose a custom evaluation test on Stress Management and Work Performance in the UK (HR) explicitly for you for just $16.05 $11/page Learn More Quantitative examination includes efficient experimental investigation of a marvel by utilization of measurable apparatuses (McClurg 1999, p. 25). Its primary target is consistently to utilize scientific speculations and models in building up its speculation (Freund Carmeli 2003, p. 710). Along these lines, quantitative strategy would help in this examination. It would empower the specialist test the speculations set forth for legitimacy and permit the utilization of an example as a portrayal of the whole populace. It would assist the spec ialist with using the information to analyze the exhibition of explicit representatives in their work environments, and the manner in which they deal with their pressure and how the administration encourages them in dealing with their pressure. The quantitative technique would likewise help in knowing whether there is any connection between the presentation of the representatives at working environment and stress the executives. Albeit subjective strategies was generally utilized in sociology and would be fitting in this examination, it can't give experimental help for research theory. Subjective techniques clarify why a given example of occasions has occurred the manner in which they have (Buick Thomas 2001, p. 308). Then again, quantitative techniques clarifies what and when of a marvels. Ethnographic exploration and phenomenology as approaches of subjective examination would have been proper. Ethnography would help in examination of culture at the work environment that may build odds of worry among representatives (Denzin Lincoln2011). Phenomenology would have researched real factors that ought to be tended to by the administration so as to effectively oversee worry at the working environment. Because of these reasons subjective strategy was not utilized in the examination and the analyst picked quantitative exploration. What standards oversee my decisions? As referenced over, the analyst needed a methodology that would empower experimental investigation of information. This would help in approval of the optional information that was checked on in section two of this exploration. The choice to gather information from over the races, genders, ages, levels of and instruction was to help decide the social gatherings that are at more serious danger of getting influenced from stress.Advertising Searching for appraisal on brain science? How about we check whether we can support you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Find out More This would empower strategy producers inside different associations in the United Kingdom to realize how to move toward each gathering with regards to pressure the board (Lazarus 1966, p. 78). This choice was additionally founded on the way that there is should be comprehensive in light of the fact that in the current society deny any type of separation on at all premise. What presumptions have I made and what were my legitimizations? In each exploration, there is have to build up certain suspicions so as to make an examination procedure a reality. Suppositions are in every case significant when managing sociologies. As Belanger (2011, p. 89) says, in unadulterated sciences, it is feasible for the specialist to control life forms in the examination to fit into the ideal condition. Be that as it may, this is beyond the realm of imagination when managing sociologies. This is on the grounds that in sociologies, the subject of the specialist is an individual. It is practically difficult to control individual when directing an examination. Thus, it is critical to make a few suspicions. In this examination, it was expected that pressure is the significant reason for poor representative execution at the working environment What results did I acquire? From this exploration, the outcome confirmed the way that pressure the executives has an immediate positive effect on execution at work environment. It was affirmed that the most ideal method of overseeing worry in the work environment is by recognizing the source. At the point when the wellspring of this pressure is recognized, it gets conceivable to address it by taking out the source. This is a certain method of guaranteeing that all the negative side effects of worry to not influence the viability of the representatives in the work environment. It was likewise affirmed in this exploration that absence of stress the board among representatives in some foundation in the United Kingdom has adversely influenced the presen tation of such organizations in different fronts. Will this exploration take care of the issue? The examination has uncovered a ton of realities about pressure the executives. From this exploration, it has come out obviously that for the administration to be in a situation to prevail in their endeavor, they should battle worry among their representatives. This examination has given various courses through which stress can be overseen at work environment for firms inside this nation. Are the examinations sound? The legitimacy of the examination done in this exploration has been affirmed. The choice to utilize quantitative investigation was halfway roused by the need to have a strategy that can be confirmed exactly. This makes the outcomes got in this examination legitimate. They can b

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Burn out of social workers in the work place Essay Example for Free

Wear out of social specialists in the work place Essay Social laborers are individuals dedicated to better the lives of others and this is done through changing limits. Some work with families, youngsters just as in school while others work in the clinical field particularly those managing psychological well-being. They help individuals to agreeably manage local clashes, handicaps, testing wellbeing conditions, monetary issues that encourage lodging issues, joblessness just as issues like medication and substance misuse. (www. bls. gov). Their job in arrangement making can likewise not be underscored given their endeavors in directing exploration and making pertinent proposals regarding the best or proper methodologies. Social specialists are likewise very powerful in the appropriation forms just as single parent help. Clinical and general wellbeing social specialists are focused on offering mental help to individuals with dangerous conditions for example HIV Aids and Alzheimer’s infection patients. Social specialists can work in nearby specialists just as in government. In quest for making the lives of others worth the while, social laborers in their particular fields are looked by numerous difficulties. (www. bls. gov). They must be in steady development from their workplaces to where their customers are found and back to their workplaces where administrative work is finished. Frequently than not they experience consume outs while in their work a condition that influences their efficiency levels. The focal point of this paper is to clarify why wear out happens among the social laborers, it will outline how it happens, its consequences for the association and from there on recommend that fitting answers for resolve it. The term ‘burn out’ is utilized to allude to the procedure or condition of mental weariness that highly affects one’s efficiency. In the book Handbook of human variables and ergonomics in medicinal services and patient security, Carayon presents a few signs and side effects of copy outs in the work place. Consume outs prompts nervousness and absence of enthusiasm. It causes despondency and mental depletion, poor fixation and memory just as expanded cases of non-attendance and general poor efficiency. (Carayon P, 2006). Consume outs are bad for any calling in any association. They cause a pessimistic effect on relational correspondence among the different representatives in an association would badly affect the company’s yield. (Azar T, 2000). Consume outs expands individuals touchiness and minor issues are amplified and this can be a wellspring of contentions among the different representatives. The general impacts of consume outs are moved from the people influenced to the association all in all. Association chance enrolling high disappointment levels, expanded employment turn over just as low assurance. In Carayon’s book copy out is characterized as ‘the industrious negative business related perspective that is portrayed by fatigue which is joined by trouble, a feeling of decreased adequacy and the improvement of useless mentalities and practices at work’. (Carayon P, 2006). This mental issue grows step by step and may at first be unnoticed. It emerges from the complexity between one’s targets or goals and the truth at the specific employment. By and large consume outs are brought about by the adherence of unseemly or rather lacking pressure ways of dealing with stress. Drawn out occupation stress prompts consume outs among the workers being referred to. Consume outs lead to diminished inspiration and makes hostile to work perspectives. (Carayon P, 2006). Social laborers in the different fields experience consume outs while in their work places. This happens when the associations they work for neglect to live up to their significant standards and desires. They feel disappointed with their work and this disappointment prompts sentiment of frustration and anguish. (Soderfeldt M and Soderfeldt B, 2003). As indicated by a 2006 research plainly most social laborers are not satisfied with their work. A high rate revealed elevated levels of occupation disappointment and were prepared to leave their different associations. As per them, the estimation of the work they did was not identical to the compensation they got. (The Royal College of Psychiatrists, 2006). Social specialists experiencing consume outs may feel confined with their customers and this will influence their profitability levels. (Takeda F et al, 2005). Albeit various individuals will respond contrastingly to consume outs some could separate themselves and have poor eating and dozing propensities. Others may discover comfort in liquor or smoking all of which negatively affects their wellbeing. The connection between the social laborers encountering consume outs and their customers just as with individual coworkers is contrarily influenced by wear out as it triggers outrage. (Lewandowski A, 2003). Associations endure monetarily at whatever point social specialists leave because of the wear out issues. They cause the expenses of recruiting new workers and preparing them to be powerful. This is aggravated by the way that they have the imperative of scant assets. Associations or organizations that neglect to address the issues introduced by their representatives in this setting the social laborers are bound to enroll higher occurrences of occupation turnover which means expanded expenses. (Lewandowski A, 2003). A significant reason for the expanded occurrences of consume outs among the social specialists is credited to need or disappointment by certain offices to include them in the dynamic procedures. The absence of self-sufficiency and the expanded bureaucratization in their work place causes them to feel distanced or secluded. (Lundy C, 2003). The issues to be taken care of by social laborers become troublesome continuously and this requests the associations modify with the changing occasions if genial arrangements are to be shown up at. In her book, Social work and social equity, Lundy clarifies that social specialists have a difficult activity. Money related imperative is a significant slowed down blocking their proficiency or profitability. They need to experience or rather face work related worry as they attempt to distribute the negligible assets to coordinate the mind-boggling requests. The structure of the social government assistance conveyance, the command of the organizations they work for just as the requirements of their customers additionally lead to expanded pressure which hastens consume outs among the social laborers. (Lundy C, 2003). Most social laborers are in the activity because of a call or occupation to help other people and the inability to include them in the dynamic procedure ruins their successful execution. (Kreisher K, 2002). Extraordinary control of financing sources likewise negatively affects the degree of fulfillment that social laborers get from their work. The diminished duty by the legislature to help the government assistance area has prompted the decrease of assets which makes social work a difficult calling. (Lewandowski A, 2003). Without the self-sufficiency or contribution in the dynamic procedure they are denied the opportunity to apply their discoveries or ability to legitimately influence their training. This ruins the viability of different government assistance programs and on not understanding their objectives they are disappointed and feel vulnerable. The inadequacy of the area that they work for may have an immediate negative effect on the social specialists. They may put themselves in the shoes of their customers who could be casualties of misuse or savagery and live in dread particularly with the information on how incapable the framework is. (Kreisher K, 2002). Given the rising social and monetary conditions, the inclusion of social specialists in the dynamic procedure would be even more a need then a prerequisite. This would guarantee that there is compelling division of work and the outstanding burden could be limited. Outstanding task at hand effectsly affects the employees’ wellbeing. This can be supported by a 1999 review by the Canadian Union of Public social laborers which built up that expanded remaining burden among the social specialists in the advancement benefits in youngsters helps social orders negatively affected their prosperity. To a tune of 87% social specialists in the different fields admitted that the expanded remaining task at hand had a negative on their wellbeing. (Kreisher K, 2002). Work over-burden accelerates consume outs. With negligible accounts available to them, offices or associations managing government assistance employ less individuals than would be required a condition that sees the social specialists with an enormous outstanding burden available to them. The social specialists work inclines them to dangers of physical and boisterous attack and dangers at work all of which have negative ramifications on their psychological, physical and social prosperity. It additionally affects their activity fulfillment levels. In the article ‘Burned out’ Kreisher Kristen contends that the poor compensation given to social specialists managing kids and the adolescent, even with the intense monetary occasions has a major task to carry out in boosting ‘burn outs’ among the social laborers. Their activity requests are expanding while their prize or pay is waning and this is a significant disincentive for them. There is requirement for the government assistance associations to change the remuneration rates to coordinate the troublesome monetary occasions. (Kreisher K, 2002). As Lewandowski in Organizational components adding to laborer dissatisfaction: The antecedent to burnout notes frustrations among the social specialists have likewise been disturbed by the way that their jobs or obligations have changed and are conversely with their desires. Rather than investing more energy with their customers in the field they invest additional time doing administrative work. (Lewandowski A, 2003). For the offices or associations responsibility is of substance as they are feeling the squeeze from the agents to show how their assets are spent. As such the organizations are increasingly worried about the quantity of individuals served while the social specialists are more

Importance of Measuring Returns in Marketing

Significance of Measuring Returns in Marketing Advertising Metrics Foundation Associations have quickly moved into a time of centered advertising spending. Cost cutting is not, at this point considered the most ideal income age vehicle due to its restrictions. Harder economy has put screws to showcasing and deals office spending plans. It has made advertising to demonstrate it’s spend or if nothing else legitimize the estimation of its venture. Ahuja et al., (2001) feature that cost cutting alone isn't sufficient in expanding a firm’s income, nor does it drastically improve the main concern over the long haul. Nonetheless, finding the â€Å"lost† cash that isn’t being admirably contributed and reallocating it to progressively key showcasing programs assists with expanding a firm’s income and benefits quite a long time after a seemingly endless amount of time after year (Kokkinaki Stefano, 2004). This has offered ascend to the promoting measurements, showcasing arithmetic, estimation advertising. Advertising spending is consistently been addressed as showcasing financial plans get slimmer. There is an expanding responsibility of promoting spending in the present market atmosphere (Barwise Farley, 2003). The advertising business has arrived at a period where the organizations are progressively been compelled to spend on gainful exercises. The remittance to spend on things that don’t legitimately support the firm’s key arrangement, vision, and crucial decreasing by each spending day. Pioneers and higher directors are attempting to ceaselessly attempting to propel their organizations to distinguish spending that isn’t attached to interest in the firm’s future (Clark, 1999). This is done to let loose the cash to reallocate it all the more deliberately to increasingly productive suggestions. The hour of overspending with next to zero control is attracting to a nearby. The ascent of web advertising has additionally expanded the pertinence and significance of estimating as results can without much of a stretch be estimated on the web. Online advertisers measure things, for example, ‘Click-through rate’ (measures the pertinence of email contributions by following theâ number of interesting navigate). One of the other online estimates utilized by associations like Amazon is the ‘Goal transformation rate’ (incorporates web investigation with email promoting apparatus to follow the metric that issues) . The ascent of execution estimation Execution estimation has been touted as an improvement for associations for a considerable length of time. Showcasing chiefs and policymakers presently have estimation devices to help complete their duties to convey and improve administrations. Execution estimation can give the connection between whats (destinations, targets and execution guidelines) and hows (practices, abilities and procedures) of staff execution (Deery et al., 2002; pg 471). The estimation procedure includes setting of corporate, division, group and individual targets. Specialists have suggested that an exhibition estimation system should begin with an authoritative investigation. A choice to execute the exhibition estimation framework ought to be made by the hierarchical standards and model of the association following the recognizable proof of the current structure and working of the association and the assessment of the auxiliary issues (Ambler, 2001). The most inventive organizations and associations, don't ju st execute one great program, rather, they coordinate propelled the executives strategies into a complete way to deal with profitability improvement. They use execution estimation and assessment to help set up objectives and measure results, appraise and legitimize asset necessities, reallocate assets, create association improvement techniques and inspire work force to improve execution (Schaufeli Buunk, 2003; pg 383). While a few associations don't have faith in amassing information for estimating, others discover advertising measurements difficult to collect. Absence of IT frameworks can be mostly accused the same number of associations find various measurements dissipated over the association for various timespans, distinctive client and partner sections, and a large number of purposes. Points Objectives Point To recognize and show the significance of estimating returns in promoting The Purpose of this exploration is to increase new bits of knowledge into the idea of promoting estimation, break down the essentialness and significance of estimation in the present showcasing atmosphere. All pertinent estimation factors utilized by associations to gauge advertising viability will be illustrated. Their effect on vital dynamic will likewise be investigated. Destinations To dissect the significance of estimating promoting exercises The exploration exhibits the significance of estimating and the issues that may emerge when advertising exercises are not estimated. Expanded rivalry and absence of capital is making the promoting spending shrink which has implied progressively astute utilization of advertising cash. This has enormously expanded the significance of estimation inside the promoting network as they need to know territories of better yield and spotlight their spend on these regions. To evaluate the advantages of estimation exercises The examination features the advantages of estimation as well as exhibits the misfortune by not estimating showcasing exercises. All the while, it additionally considers the additional cost which the association may acquire while estimating these exercises (cost as innovation, individuals and other fixed and factors cost) To represent and portray the connection between advertising estimations and key dynamic. The examination doesn't contemplate the advertising estimation exercises in confinement. It relates the effect of these estimations on vital dynamic. It takes the instance of different medium and enormous associations to legitimize the significance of estimating. It talks about the utilization of advertising measures by different associations and the effect they have on vital and strategic choices. To analyze the challenges looked by associations hoping to quantify promoting exercises. Promoting exercises are difficult to quantify and associations can confront specialized and process troubles in attempting to gauge its showcasing returns. Littler and medium estimated associations may need to make interests in innovation and human skill so as to gauge their exercises. It can likewise change the manner in which information is put away in the information bases and other specialized issues. The exploration will break down these elements and make decisions in the wake of doing a money saving advantage examination of advertising estimations. To make suitable proposals with respect to advertising estimations. The exploration will suggest explicit measurements and the manner in which they ought to be estimated to give exact and auspicious data to the associations. It will talk about the utilization of these measurements under various promoting circumstances and spending limitations. Extension The extent of the exploration is restricted to auxiliary research. There is restricted field inquire about accomplished with the end goal of this examination. Likewise, there are an enormous number of various measurements utilized by associations over the globe, the investigation takes a gander at the most widely recognized and fitting measures. There may be other promoting measures which are similarly appropriate. Additionally, the exploration is conventional in nature which implies that a specific measure talked about probably won't be reasonable for a specific association at a specific time. The measures and measurements proposed doesn't identify with the nature, structure and culture of the association. The investigation mentions the significance of talked about measures under fluctuating conditions. Method of reasoning The fascinating observations with conflicting speculation concerning showcasing estimations is the thing that excited adequate enthusiasm for the creator to go in for an investigation into the idea which has become a piece of the advertising dynamic and corporate technique. Albeit, standard way of thinking directs that estimating promoting exercises will give an association a decent sign of their viability, in actuality, showcasing estimation is as yet not rehearsed by most associations. It has likewise been wasteful for others on account of the utilization of insignificant measures. This makes the point significantly all the more fascinating on the grounds that it isn't only the utilization of measures that prompts adequacy however its the utilization of pertinent and fitting measure. This dubious idea of advertising estimations was what caused the creator to go in for an examination as no current writing gave an obvious judgment regarding the matter. Find support with your article from our master exposition authors Format and structure of the thesis The paper is spread out in five parts, sub-separated consistently based on their relative significance to the investigation. Every part takes a gander at the examination issue in an alternate point of view however there is perceptible level of between relationship among them. The genuine investigation starts from section two with Review of Literature breaking down various promoting measures utilized over the business and surveying its pertinence to authoritative dynamic. The substance in the exploration report can be expounded quickly as appeared under the accompanying headings. Section One Introduction As the name recommends, this part presents the investigation of the essential focal point of the region of research. It unmistakably stamps out the reason, point and destinations of the exploration giving a peruser a rule with respect to what's in store. It likewise gives out the extent of the examination and explains the reason behind the investigation. Part Two Literature Review This part essentially readies the examination for observational work by taking a gander at assessments and ends drawn on specific speculations and ideas to check for similitudes and distinction made by past journalists on comparative or related investigations. It’s on this premise, later stages in the exploration are created. It is along these lines, simply a portrayal of optional information with different thoughts. Specifically, scholarly diaries, sites and te

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The Advantages of the Oanda Website Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

The Advantages of the Oanda Website - Essay Example Our site is 100% imaginative electronic stage invested with remarkable highlights and more than 250 resources that permit you to exchange on the main monetary markets comprehensive of Forex, lists, stocks, and items. Alternative Rally permits you to exchange safely whenever and anyplace on the planet without downloading the product. Our site is overseen by veteran stars with excellent information in the monetary business attempting to make your exchanging experience straightforward, quick, easy to understand, and agreeable. Merchants get preparing instruments on sheltered and secure Binary Trading stage which is available to private and institutional speculators all around on major FX crosses, lists, and items stocks. Twofold choices permit exchanging with no liquidity, wide assortment of expiry focuses, and has Trader711, which permits up to 10% discount of head venture for fruitless exchanges and 85% returns for effective exchanges. Parallel alternatives permit you to have control of hazard and make benefits during and unpredictable markets while observing business sector developments in the shorter timeframe.

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Remember Second semester is just two weeks old, and Ive already decided that I like it: 7.013 (Intro to Bio) has been kind enough to assign psets every other week (no pset this week, YAY!). 5.12 (Orgo) hasnt yet caused me any significant pain. 8.02 (Physics) is essentially a review of high school EM, which truly makes me appreciate my AP Physics teacher. 9.00 (Psych) is filled with cool videos, neat facts, and references to one of the best books ever: Oliver Sackss The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat. But my favorite class right now is definitely 21W.755 (Reading and Writing Short Stories): hard proof that MIT has humanities classes. And that theyre awesome. For 21W.755, I get to write a short story every week. Theres generally a prompt, but the professor encourages us to go outside its boundaries, challenge it if we so wish. There are no dumb stories; there are no limitations. We write about what we want to write about, and then we read it aloud to receive feedback from both the professor and our peers. I was scared to read my story aloud. Incredibly so. The prompt for this week was to think back on our lives, pick out a memory that seems insignificant yet somehow memorable, and then write a story that starts with, I dont know why I remember I wrote the following a slightly embellished story that is nonetheless true in its essentials. Before I share, let me put out the following disclaimer: I am not a professional author, and the following was written in about one hour and never consequently edited. Please dont judge me too harshly! :'( Now, without further ado, The Short Story I Read Aloud: ~*~ I don’t know why I remember reciting multiplication tables to my mother. I was maybe six years old carefree, fearless, intoxicated by the New Zealand beauty that surrounded me. Our home was quaint â€" a one-story house, white with turquoise shutters, kept exceedingly comfortable by central heating. There were three bedrooms, two living rooms, a small study, and a kitchen. I spent most of my time in the larger of the two living rooms, in which resided four squishy, mustard-yellow couches, perfect for me to jump on when I got tired of my trampoline or bed. My parents sought to channel my elastic energy into something more productive than bruised knees and bloody cuts; as such, there came a day when my mom led me outside, onto the back porch, and handed me the two times table to learn. Undaunted, I ran about the landing with the paper in my hands, climbing onto ledges and catapulting myself off of them. Before every launch, I glanced at one line of the table, committing it to memory. After twelve such instances of perfect projectile motion, I was done. I turned my attention to my mother, who had been plucking plums all the while, with minimal success. At 5’ 2”, she was a good four feet shorter than the tallest branch on the plum tree, even with the added height of the porch. While the branches closest to her had been neatly stripped of their fruit, the ones farthest away drooped pitifully with the weight they bore. The plums that filled my mother’s basket were beautiful. Standing on one of the wooden ledges, I had a clear view of their deep magenta coats and still-attached stems. I crept closer and poked at a few of them, just to see what would happen. My un-cut nails easily pierced the skin of one plum, shattering its seamless surface and allowing its captive juice to ooze out. Momentarily surprised, I looked up at my mom, who was still reaching for some higher-up fruit, her face creased with effort. I glanced back at the fruit I’d punctured, touched the juice with my pinky, and slurped it up with a natural indelicacy. Delicious. My multiplication tables forgotten, I gathered the two bottom ends of my t-shirt to create a makeshift basket. After checking to make sure my mother was still otherwise occupied, I began shoveling plums into my cloth cradle, hoarding as much as my Youth Small shirt could hold. I crept away with my loot, curled up in the tiny space separating my bed from my wall, and feasted. Fifteen minutes, ten plums, and a stomachache later, I presented myself to my mother in shame, fully expecting to be lectured on the immorality of thievery. She studied me for a little while, noting my new purple mustache, as well as my sticky, still-dripping fingers. And then she laughed. It was such a clear, high, joyous laugh. I stared at her in open confusion, which only served to intensify her mirth. Unable to speak coherently, she gave me a pat on the head, and still chuckling, gestured for me to follow her into the kitchen and swallow some strawberry-flavored medicine to ease my stomach pain. I loved that syrupy medicine so much that I would have consumed the whole thing, had it not been kept on the highest shelf in the fridge. As I licked my spoon clean, I continued to watch my mother, wary of further surprises. Her giggling finally under control, she opened her mouth. I braced myself. In Tamil, she said, “Hamsika, will you recite the two times table?” I froze. For the life of me, I couldn’t remember what came past two times one is two. “Um…” I faltered. My mother’s eyes were still dancing from the plum incident. I noticed the amusement and had an idea. “Amma, can I tell you the two times table outside, on the porch?” She agreed, her eyes now filled with curiosity rather than hilarity. The minute we were outside, I climbed up onto a ledge and jumped as high off it as I could. Within seconds, the two times table came rushing back into my memory. “Two times one is two! Two times two is four!” I chanted with a rhythm fit to rival a metronome. “Two times three is six!” I continued in this manner until finally, with one last gallivanting leap â€" “Two times twelve is twenty-four!” I landed triumphantly on the ground, right in front of my mother, breathing heavily. She smiled at me, and I grinned in return. Thirty seconds later, I got clocked on the head by a plum, as if it too were offering me some kind of congratulations. I fell down, dazed. My mom helped me up, then handed me another sheet of paper. Two times table down. Three to go. ~*~ Thus ends the tale of what was most likely my first ever math lesson. Moral of the story: Take this class!! One last thing: I want to thank Varun, a prospective student, for sharing the following video with me: Writing isnt the only way to remember the past :)

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Angie, Hondo, and the Sense of Fulfillment Analysis of Characters and Gender Roles - Literature Essay Samples

It is within human nature that we find ourselves striving for something more for someone we love. The drive for the love and beauty of a relationship comes from the environment that molds who one becomes and what they strive for. In Hondo, by Louis L’Amour, Angie Lowe remains isolated from any potential aspect of love, as she is alone with only her son and her ranch in the middle of the western desert. The infamous Hondo Lane is the renowned desert nomad; with multiple talents he’s developed with being among the Apaches and adapting to desert lifestyle. In which his environment conditioned his behavior, but left a vital piece of him missing. Angie and Hondo foster a relationship that exposes their desire for one another they both can’t help but feel. Hondo needed a woman as Angie who could love, nurture, and care for, ever so compassionately. Angie’s character was what could complete what Hondo lacked, and it was Hondo who could fill in the blanks of Angie ’s life. Angie’s was constituted by traditional gender roles that consumed most of the abilities possible. In addition, Angie had been abandoned by her husband and only had a son to look after. Who would take care of her and fill in the pieces that she couldn’t. Angie’s living standard fit into the cult of true womanhood, in which she had never ventured outside of her ranch and feared the thought of it. Hondo acts as Angie does reciprocally to his nomadic lifestyle. He obeyed the ideals of a patriarchy, yet not entirely without Angie. Angie sought for what Hondo carried admirably, and developed a love that was driven by her need for Hondo’s qualities she desperately needed. The two required one another to complete themselves within the ideals of a traditional relationship, without the other, they would remain incomplete. Louis L’Amour uses traditional gender roles to demonstrate that a family structure is needed in order to complete individuals such as Angie and Hondo. Hondo’s self fulfillment cannot be complete without the nurture of a submissive woman. Angie attained an element Hondo lacked and could only gain from a woman. He had all the flawless aspects any western man could ever strive for, but a piece had been missing, he lacked his full potential. The answer had always been Angie, who, next to Hondo could conclude the need for a woman and a family. â€Å"And he, Hondo Lane, what did he have to pass on? And he sat here ready to die†¦for what? He left behind him nothing. A few people would remember him for a day or an hour. A man needed something on which to build. A man without a woman, without a home, and without a child was no man at all. Johnny. If there had been no son of his own, he could at least have given Johnny what he had learned.† (L’Amour, 130). Hondo would have attained all the ideal and sought out for qualities in a man if he had died, but wouldn’t have passed on the Lane legacy for future generations to remember him for. â€Å"A few people would remember him for a day or an hour.† (L’Amour, 130). Yes, one would only remember the name of a man for so long, but what retains all its meaning and significance is having it passed down. With Angie, the name had the possibility of remembrance; both her and Jonny would keep the Lane name. Without this, Hondo would die a man incomplete, and die solitary if no family structure surrounded him. â€Å"A man without a woman, without a home, and without a child was no man at all.† (L’Amour, 130). Hondo needed Angie, who could take control of a woman’s primary responsibilities, and without this figure of a woman to stand by Hondo would stand alone. Although the woman is seen as the depended one upon a man, Hondo did too depend upon Angie to support his ability of power within the family. Angie had a piece of her Hondo would thrive upon if managed to be grasped. Angie’s possession of an incomplete family with Johnny was what Hondo stood in desperation for, which meant a position for Hondo’s presence was open for completion of the family and the continuation of the Lane legacy. Hondo is absent of any patriarchal dominance while in the dessert apart form Angie. The remote desert came with the absence of what Hondo really desired. He was far from any chance at Angie and what he was truly searching for. He displaced himself into a dessert with hazardous environments and unknown people. Without the accompany of a woman and no direct reason for his travels, Hondo remained lonesome and awaited the presence of Angie. â€Å" ‘Any settlers out of the north basin since I been away? Lately?’ ‘A few.’ ‘Handsome woman? Fair? With a small boy, maybe six years old?’ ‘No all middle-aged or elderly people†¦ He was no man to be thinking about a woman. He had never lived with a woman†¦ he wouldn’t know how to†¦It was one thing with a squaw. After a while you knew them. But a girl like Angie, now, that would be different.† (L’Amour,78-79). Hondo can’t help but contemplate Angie’s safety and well-being at every given moment. Inside him, his unconscious echoes, it’s unlike a man to think about a woman to the extent he is, but he can’t prevent the inevitable emotions felt for Angie. According to the morals of a traditional gender role Hondo would be violating what defines a man’s role. â€Å" ‘Any settlers out of the north basin since I been away? Lately?’† Hondo shouldn’t be concerned with Angie’s safety but his learn for her overrules his obligations. By separating H ondo and Angie L’Amour acknowledges the need they both have for one another. Although Hondo would in turn, have to oblige by the demands and requirements set by being a father figure and a husband, it would fulfill his desire for a family structure in which he would govern. â€Å"He had never lived with a woman†¦ he wouldn’t know how to† The responsibilities were set, but Hondo’s constant recall of Angie meant there was a stronger passion with his relationship with Angie than his reputation as an authoritative nomad. Hondo understood that without Angie he would have nothing to stand by or call his own, which unveils Hondo’s will to leave the responsibilities of the cowboy for supporting the role of a husband and father. The desert had only offered labor and unanticipated warfare that could take a life if it wanted. Hondo desired a life with something to have a gain from and Angie offered the role of a mother and wife that he could. â€Å"It was one thing with a squaw. After a while you knew them. But a girl like Angie, now, that would be different.† (L’Amour,78-79). Angie was a woman built with strong morals for the responsibility of a woman, and expected a man’s job, and a woman’s to create something of itself together. Therefore Angie was a wife who could support the position of a wife and mother as well as keep the role of the husband spotted as the head of the house. Angie believed in these morals by understanding how woman and man function with one another within a family household. Angie has no chance of survival without the presence and security that Hondo offers. Angie has responsibility of Johnny, the ranch, and the keeping her house in good shape. There’s not a moment where she can spend doing otherwise, if someone were to threaten her and Johnnyâ₠¬â„¢s safety there would be no possible tactic for her to defend herself. For the short while Hondo resided at the ranch with Angie she developed the comfort of being at ease and finally situating a sense of protection that Hondo established through his sense of control and authority. With Hondo Angie was capable of taking responsibility of what she should had to do with her child and the house. While allowing Hondo to work outdoors with the horse, while everything feels protected and sheltered with Hondo looking after Angie. However, with this gone Angie returns to the lifestyle of endangerment with possibility of Apaches threatening her land and well-being. She was back to being alone and dependent on herself, without any sense of comfort or safety from the powerful character of a husband. â€Å"A woman’s task was to keep a home, to rear her children well, to give them as good a start before moving on. That was why she had stayed. That was why she had dared to remain in the face of Indian trouble. This was her fireside†¦Now it was threatened. The very thing that had saved their lives might turn her son from the life that should be his.† (L’Amour, 91-92). Angie, alone, and vulnerable with only her son has the opportunity for any attack from an Indian, as they plea their power over Angie, through their identification as men. She is labeled, as an insignificant aspect of the dessert that only occupies the land of Apaches. â€Å"That was why she had dared to remain in the face of Indian trouble. This was her fireside†¦ Now it was threatened.† Angie stayed to protect and reserve her land, but also to provide the lifestyle every little boy should have growing up into a man in the west. â€Å"A woman’s task was to keep a home, to rear her children well, to give them as good a start before moving on.† Her obligations as a woman should be within the house and with her son, but without a husband to pick up the roles of a man, she must now take that upon herself in addition to the other tasks required to complete each day. Angie never ventured past the house, as it would be a risk at her safety and never occurred to her as a woman’s job. It was men who would have the power and ability to travel outside of the house within the patriarchal society these characters lived in. â€Å"Her proper sphere was the home; she would not venture beyond that sphere because to do so would be considered unwomanly. Women who had these characteristics were idealized and considered worthy of every form of masculine protection and gallantry†¦for example various versions of the ‘helpless female†, whose abilities are limited to such â€Å"womanly† domains. (Using Concepts from Feminist Theory to Understand Literature, 89) Angie’s sphere was the home and that’s where she decided to stay because it was unwomanly venture past that. It was not her position to do what was seen as masculine and so she was incomplete in that area where a man had to be filled in. â€Å"Various versions of the ‘helpless female†, whose abilities are limited to such â€Å"womanly domains.† L’Amour presents Angie as this woman who is this helpless and vulnerable without Hondo, which is the reason for her desperate need for him. All she is truly capable of is what traditional gender roles put in her in place to be, the mother, and wife, whose responsibility is within the house where she is most safe and in her radius of where a woman can go. Angie and Hondo’s roles within traditional gender role ideals stimulate the need they create for each other. Hondo consistently takes on the position as the guardian through his masculinity L’Amour institutes with his character. Angie as well, ideally obligates herself to the feminist toil that outlines her position in society. In exchange, both Angie and Hondo require the equally opposite role of themselves to keep one another in fine checks and balances. Therefore, Angie and Hondo’s persistent desire equated the two characters due to their strong compatibility according to their gender statuses as the helpless woman and dominate man. The instant attraction motivated their choices, behaviors, and thoughts that all lead to how their chapter would end with one another based upon what they needed to thrive in a patriarchal society.

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Vera John Casino An Online Casino Essay - 971 Words

Vera John Casino Vera John Casino is an online casino that is largely noted for its traditional sounding name, but in reality it is so much more than just that. Featuring a game selection that ranks in the hundreds, a bright and bold UI, and some notable bonus incentives. You may have ignored Vera John Casino upon its initial launch in 2011, but in 2015 this is an online casino that is well worth a second look. SIGN UP NOW AND RECEIVE WELCOME BONUS Up to  £100 in bonus founds (plus 123 free spins) †¢ Upon registration: 30 free spins †¢ First deposit: 40 free spins + 100% matched deposit (up to  £100) †¢ Second deposit: 53 free spins Has Vera John Casino done enough to claim the spotlight? In many ways Vera John Casino is an online casino that has been easy to look beyond in the past. It has been around a few years, yet it hasn’t really done much to command a large audience. However, what many won’t know is that over the years Vera John Casino has been working hard to make its platform one of the best around. It seems that it is now offering a much more matured product that it was back in 2011, but is that enough to entice new players? I’ve spent the pass few days putting Vera John Casino through its paces and here is what I found out. Game Selection When it comes to games Vera John Casino has every right to be boastful, this is because it has the majority of other online casinos beat when it comes to choice. Slots are the biggest draw of Vera JohnShow MoreRelatedThe True Ins And Outs Of Online Casino Bonuses1720 Words   |  7 Pages Blog 16 – The true ins and outs guide to online casino bonuses There isn’t any other tool that aids online casino users more than the casino bonus. You would have to have been walking around with your eyes closed in order to not see how prevalent they are within the industry in 2015. Through online casino portals player around the world are getting their hands on some serious playing incentives. It seems like cash is being handed out here, there, and everywhere by the leading industry names. WhileRead MoreArticle 8 : Whats Up With Vera John?1840 Words   |  8 PagesArticle 8 – What’s up with Vera John? Vera John have been around a few years now and have managed to solidify a small yet notable position within the market. Given the casino’s stature they are set on trying to move up the ranks in terms of popularity, but do they have the wherewithal to do so? The following is an in-depth review of what Vera John is bringing to the table. Simplicity, style and substance These days when it comes to the design of an online casino there is no room for indecisionRead MoreArticle Analysis : Bitcoin Online Gambling1538 Words   |  7 PagesBitcoin online casinos come under attack As far as innovations go, few have been as big or a technologically relevant as bitcoin. The cryptocurrency has taken the world by storm and is now a key element within the world of online casino gaming. The new innovation has undoubtedly improved how the online casino industry operates, providing players with more financial freedom from a gambling perspective. While that is the case it has been in for some controversy as of late, as various online gamblingRead MoreBitcoin Online Casinos Are On The Way !1658 Words   |  7 PagesArticle 4 – Bitcoin online casinos are on the way! Look at any online shop and odds are you will see bitcoin listed as an accepted online currency. This new form of cryptocurrency has taken the world by storm and has shown no signs of fading into the background. It seems bitcoin has its eyes set on the online casino industry next, but what does that mean for the players? We have strived to find out. 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